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  • Putting the Personal in Personal Finance
    Ask 100 people about how they perceive and manage their finances, and you’re guaranteed to get 100 different answers. This does not make sense on an objective level because money, unlike many things, is almost completely black and white. In every financial decision, there is one choice which is objectively better than the others, a … Continue reading Putting the Personal in Personal Finance
  • Monthly Spending: July 2019
    Ah, sweet July. She starts out with a bang (ha) and ends with me whimpering about how much money I spent this month. Truthfully, this has been one of the spendiest months I’ve had, ever. This was a month of wins and losses, of frugality and opulence. This month was a learning experience because it’s … Continue reading Monthly Spending: July 2019
  • Lessons from the Tattoo Parlor
    Last Monday, my brother and I decided to get matching tattoos. By Tuesday evening, my skin was freshly engraved with the design we had collaborated on. He won’t be getting his until November, but since hockey season starts in a few weeks I was on a bit of a crunch to make sure it had … Continue reading Lessons from the Tattoo Parlor
  • My No-Buy Year
    A little known fact about me is that I’m seriously into Ted Talks. I usually watch them while I run at the gym to kill the boredom, and I usually find that they are incredibly interesting and informative. I recently watched a popular Ted Talk where a woman talks about her “No Spend Year”. I … Continue reading My No-Buy Year
  • Introducing… Daughter!
    Hello! Nice to meet you. I’m the kid half of the Father Daughter Finance blog. I’m a 20 year old college student majoring in Biomedical Engineering with minors in History, Arabic, and Chemistry. Yeah, I really like school. I also really like saving money, and it seems like those two passions are at odds in … Continue reading Introducing… Daughter!
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